In the summer of 2007 ...

Windy Point - Uncompahgre Plateau.
Karen and I took a seven day, 200 mile mountain bike tour from Telluride Colorado to Moab Utah with Todd Calvin, the best bike touring buddy you could ever share an adventure with. We took the "North Route" as set up by the San Juan Hut Systems. based in Ridgeway Colorado.
Yes, that's an aircast on my right leg in the photo above. That broken ankle from a skydiving accident 20 years earlier is still buggin' me, but wasn't going to stop THIS crew from doing what some rags have called one of the epic MTB rides in the Mountain West.
To see the route we took, download THIS ZIP archive and open it's contents in Google Earth.
And here are the daily video clips (in mpeg4 format):
Day One - Telluride to Last Dollar Pass
Day Two - Last Dollar Pass to Spring Creek
Day Three - Spring Creek to Columbine
Day Four - Columbine to Graham Ranch
Day Five - Graham Ranch to Gateway
Day Six - Gateway to La Sals
Day Seven - La Sals to Moab