The Oasis of Blue …

… in a Sea of Red!

Yes, I mean Austin Texas, again. After blowing through the deep south and crossing into Texas, one of the first things I noticed, as expected, was the gradual lowering of humidity as we moved westward. Yes, it’s still hot and mid afternoon sun still burns on the skin like a branding iron, but I’m happy with that as long as I’m not forced to peel off my t-shirt like saran-wrap to wring it out.

Wait! I’m toolin’ ’round in an RV while my peeps are out leaving a trail of sweat on the road and I’m talking about the heat? Well fortunately, what might have caused me to REALLY freak out going west was nipped in the bud.  A couple days ago, the A/C went south in the RV prompting an emergency visit to a fleet service facility to get it fixed.

NO kudos to Ford for having that fail on a brand new vehicle, but kudos to Cruise America for quickly arraigning the service job. Now if only someone could do something about the way this thing feels when driving it … like a three ton bowl of jello! (If that sounds like I’m spoiled on the feel of MINI Cooper … you are correct!)

So, getting into Austin, Mark and Tom have an old friend Bill to go visit here. We stayed two nights at his place, got a jeep ride around his ranch to see some “managed” wildlife (oxymoron?) and went horseback riding too. I made a new friend: (Ruth – it’s no joke) “Mellow Yellow”.

I made a couple other friends too … Jet and Worrie …

Gotta love happy dogs! Hey Jim Downer … should I dog-nap them? I’ve got room in the RV!

We visited a bike shop today to see about getting Mary’s “alternate” bike tweaked for the road (hills) ahead. In a nutshell … she’s stealing Tom’s “alternate” bike with some tweaks to fit her. While all that was going on, I wandered the shop and found a gorgeous little orange Surly Cross-Check in MY size. Took it for a ride.

I’m in deep trouble.  N+1 you know.

(Sorry … for non-bikers … and you’re following MY blog? …  that’s a formula for the “Perfect” number of bikes to own … where “N” equals the number of bikes you currently own.)

Back on the road tomorrow. Texas Hill Country, here we come!


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