Catchin’ Up!

Last night, my local club had it’s annual “Night at the Movies” event. Joe and Dana presented about their loop around Lake Champlain. Beautiful country we have up in the northeast! Dave, Todd and I wrapped up the evening with some select video clips from our Great Divide adventure. Nice evening … and everyone is dreaming springtime! After the show I met a new member of our club, Julie, who recently moved to Rochester from Pittsburg and joined the club! Welcome to the Finger Lakes Julie!! You’ll LOVE the riding here!

After finishing the Great Divide last summer, and looking for some local fun, I grabbed my new GoPro (wished I had that for the GD!) and headed to Dryer Road Park. The local mountain bike club has done a fabulous job working with the land managers to build a trail system there that’s among the best with green, blue, and black trails. I still had my super-wide Jeff Jones Loop bars on the bike and it was pretty challenging squeezing between trees only a shoulder width apart. I’ve never been a good dancer, but I managed to shuffle through without incident.

The Pug Does Dryer Road
The Pug Does Dryer Road – Click Image for Video

My next short video experiment was a New Year’s Day ride up to the beach at Durand Eastman Park. Durand sits on the shore of Lake Ontario, northside of the city of Rochester NY. What a contrast to the last time I was up there on the Pug. Two weeks after I bought the Pug in the summer of 2012, I headed up there and rode the length of the beach, axle deep in the lake. The looks we got from swimmers and walkers was priceless! But on New Year’s Day 2014, there was one lone walker out on the beach … a local resident who walks the beach every day, all year long. We chatted how it was a beautiful day, even if was only a balmy 14F degrees.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! – Click Image for Video

I’ve signed up for Adventure Cycling Association’s Leadership Training Course and have to complete my Red Cross 1st Aid/CPR Certification. The final “hands-on” section is tomorrow night, and once I pass that, I’ve earned my free time to ride, shoot, and dream my way into spring!