Season Kickoff

My local club throws a party every spring to kickoff the riding season. Well, the season for most normal people anyway. Most normal people aren’t out tooling around in the snow and bitter cold all winter on fatbikes.

New Year's Day at the Beach
New Year’s Day at the Beach

We’re working on that!

But for now, we’re happy to see familiar faces not seen since the final leaves dropped last fall. We started this Saturday with a nice ride around the neighborhood – east side of Rochester NY – and transitioned to a pot-luck food fest before our Awards presentation. The awards handed out recognize achievements like high-mileage for the year, making the “1000 Mile Club” and most improved rider. The serious awards are mixed up by a number of humorous (roasting) awards to keep things fun!

But this year was a surprise for me. After a lengthy chat about the hazards of riding in the Rocky Mountains, mostly focusing on critters like black bears, grizzly bears and mountain lions … not one of whom I ever saw … the Prez called me up to hand me the Stone Saddle Award.

The Stone Saddle Award
The Stone Saddle Award

This award was created by the late Dick Burns, an icon in our club’s history, and is typically handed out each year on a rotating basis to a member who has done some kind of hard-ass cycling feat. I wouldn’t compare a bike tour on the Divide the equal of a doing a 400 mile / 24 hour cycling ultra-marathon like others have done, but I did see a lot of stones this past summer.

Close enough. Thanks gang!