City Loops

I had dental surgery on Monday last week and laid low for a bit so as not to “disturb” the work. But I got out for a short ride over the weekend with Karen. We did our local hill-training along the side of the bay and marina for about 25 miles.

Find the Little Devil in there Photo
Find the Little Devil in the Photo

Nothing fast. A nice relaxing ride if you can can call 2500′ of climbing in 25 miles relaxing. But I got out again on Tuesday after work this week for a 28 mile loop around the north half of the metro area. First, up along Irondequoit Bay. I stopped at the bay outlet bridge and pier to enjoy the glassy calm of the lake.

Irondequoit Bay Outlet
Irondequoit Bay Outlet
The pier at Lake Ontario
The outlet pier at Lake Ontario

Then to the Lakeshore Trail and down the Genesee River Trail toward the Center City. The river is running strong right now and heading southbound, I could see the mist of the lower falls from a good distance.

Mist rising over the Bridge
Mist rising over the Bridge
Lower Falls - That's a lotta water!
Lower Falls – That’s a lotta water!

On down to St. Paul Boulevard, I paused at a local Rochester landmark.

Lotta Water Makes Lotta Beer!
Lotta water makes lotta beer!

Finally, back home via the Monroe and Park Avenue neighborhoods.

I’ve been ramping my commuting time back up and swung by Oxford Street after work today at Karen’s suggestion. The magnolias have exploded with the warm weather.

Magnolias on Oxford
Magnolias on Oxford

Here’s hoping the lilacs will do the same for the Lilac Festival starting tomorrow! And¬†Bike Week ¬†activities start this weekend too! Rochester is going into “Festival Season” now!

I’m thrilled!