We’re sitting in the airport in Kansas City this afternoon, and on our way home from a mini-vacation to go lay a surprise visit on a new friend we made this summer. As Warm Showers hosts, our home is open to touring cyclists, and while I was out on tour, Karen hosted two wonderful people, Scott and David.

They were doing an eastbound Northern Tier tour as part of a charity fund raising effort and were about a week from finishing. Although I wasn’t home, I at least got to video-chat with them and it was clear they are both wonderful thoughful people. Imagine my surprise when Karen tells me that if I get home from touring in time, we’ve been invited to join them … in Kansas City … for a gala celebration! Seems Karen impressed  them so much with her hospitality that they felt meeting her was a key part of their tour experience.
So, I did make it home on time and off we went! Scott pulled off all the arrangements without David ever having a clue we were coming! At the gala with Scott on stage next to David and speaking in depth of the generosity and hospitality they experienced from complete strangers,  Scott introduced Karen and I as an example and David was clearly surprised and thrilled to see us there.

We met a ton of folks and had a great time enjoying dinner and an evening of entertainment.

We had breakfast this morning with David and lunch this afternoon with Scott before hopping the plane back home!

Plane is here! On our way home!