One More Week …

… and I head for Santa Monica, California!

My bike is shipping out tomorrow and arrives at the Santa Monica hostel a day before me. My first task upon arrival is to get it assembled and verify all is well … No “traumas” in shipping. Hey, if it get’s hammered on the way out, there are tons of bike shops in town. I’ll just pick up something. I mean … I rode a single speed last time across the USA and lived. It’s not about the bike.

It’s about the experience of riding self-contained and unsupported. No van and trailer, no co-leader this time. It’s all about seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling life on the road, in strange places, kitchy hangouts, and vistas commonplace and spectacular. And people. Always the people. Not just those you meet on the road, but the ones you share the road and the experience with. I am a fortunate man to share this adventure with five others who have their own goals and dreams. My job … To help them realize all their dreams and expectations. And more.

I am ready.

'Trucking ... "
‘Trucking … “