2016 Touring Season Done … Next up …

My last gig with Wilderness Voyageurs this season came to a happy and successful close.


You’d be excused to think it’s time for me now to “coast” for a while through the winter, but coasting to San Diego is actually the big thing on my mind now, as Adventure Cycling’s 2017 Southern Tier is my next gig!


Yup, I’m headed south in the early spring. I’ll need plenty of riding miles over the winter because even though I have a partner and we split the riding and driving duties, I’ll still log 1500 miles on the trip … by the first week of May!

And, Then I get a vacation! Well, not really. Only three weeks later, I’m back on the road again for a SECOND Adventure Cycling Epic of the year. And this one picks up where I left off this spring … in Chicago! We have yet another brand new tour that I get to beta-test and it’s running from Chicago to New York … Buckingham Park to Battery Park.


So, I’ll be busting hump over the winter prepping for BOTH of these tours. Anything else? Oh heck yeah!!

Wilderness Voyageurs isn’t slowing down either. In fact, we’re ADDING a third New York State tour, and it’s gonna be a doozy … a six day tour of the Adirondacks!!  No details yet … top secret till finalized, but I can promise some sweet sweet riding and some fantastic overnights.

Are we happy yet?