Another Year, Another Quarter Million!

At Least. Money is still pouring in. And Karen and Jackie did their part by “Freezin’ for a Reason” at Rochester New York’s 19th Annual Polar Plunge! Along with about 2000 other crazies, (and thankfully, I’m not one of them), they braved the slushy-cold winter waters of Lake Ontario to benefit the Special Olympics of New York.

Holy Crap! That’s Cold!


Click for  the Video!

Rochester has a rep for being a very generous city. In many fund-raising events, Rochester kills it compared to most any other city in America. And for the Polar Plunge, Rochester consistently “ROC’s”. Raising over $250,000 this year pushes Rochester well over the 3 MILLION dollar mark for money raised for the Special Olympics.

This was Jackie’s second year, and Karen’s SIXTH! They got off easy this year … it was sunny and a balmy 22 degrees!

One thought on “Another Year, Another Quarter Million!”

  1. For all of this city’s one on one issues I think we have a larger sense of empathy that is displayed at these kinds of events. Thank gosh for this. Andy

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