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GTD on a Bike.

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“There I Go, On the Road Again … ” – Bob Segar

A short and slow yet heartfelt ride today. In the morning, as I started off to work at 6:01am, I texted Dave:

“LAST day at MCC … on Pug headed 4 12crns”


“Cu there in a few”

Dave and I meet at “Twelve Corners” on occasion for morning coffee. After coffee, we rode together to the south side trail (dirt) of the Erie Canal, which leads to a trail through the woods and connects to the loop road around Monroe Community College. It’s where I’ve worked for 15 years as a Macintosh Systems Administrator for the Visual and Performing Arts Department, technically, but have in reality been “The Mac Guy” for almost the entire college.

I spent the day wrapping up the last few details, and left via the same trail in the afternoon.

Buh Bye!
Buh Bye!

I took a long and leisurely ride home, and when I checked the mailbox at home, I found a wonderful card from my dear friend Linda.



As of today, I’m “Retired” but only by definition in my contract. In reality, I’m simply branching out in a new direction just as Linda says.

Thank You All at MCC.
It’s been a Great Ride!

Update: Dave sends a link … appropriate!

Yabba Dabba Do!