Well, that was fun.

Effective Dec 31st 2018, my FB account will go dark. Not a hard thing to do at all. FB makes you search around in your settings area for the controls to do so, but it’s not too tough.

We’ve all heard about the Russian interferance, the privacy issues and hacked accounts, the whole Big Brother thing … not just government, but worse yet … for commercial advertising and all of that. I guess what really tripped my trigger was looking at the list of all the businesses that have acquired data on me … most of which I’ve never even heard of. WTF?

Capitalism has grown soooooo ugly. Total, unbridled, capitalism. Sickening. And seeing all this shit right in the middle of America’s biggest capitalistic gang-bang (xmas)  made me wanna take a long hot shower.

So, yeah … damage is done, but that doesn’t mean I might as well run with it. Actually, I expect I’ll be biking down a number of other avenues to exit the orgy.

And instead of “posting”, I’ll be more inclined to “write” again.

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