GDMBR – Canada

The trip isn’t over till the video is posted!

Karen loves the Canadian Rockies

So here it is … a quick little diddy of our summer 2017 trip to the Canadian Rockies and the extension of Adventure Cycling Association’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route between the U.S. / Canadian border and Banff Alberta. This was for me, taking care of some unfinished business. In 2013, I did the U.S. section, northbound from the Mexican border. The Sherpa intercepted me in Lincoln Montana and finished the ride with me to the northern border, with plans to come back (once he obtained his passport!) and wrap it up. After a couple years delay (busy leading tours), we finally pulled it off.

We were joined on this trip by Karen and our buddy Linda who decided it was time to push herself outside her comfort zone. Linda borrowed my fat bike, Karen and I once again teamed up on The Grinch, and Todd put his new Surly ECR to the test.

All passed!

No injuries, no mechanicals, and plenty of great riding. In fact, I’ll admit, that I did a pretty poor job of photographing it all while being mesmerized by the insane beauty of the route! But, I’ve hacked together a short video with a few highlights of the trip, and you can see that here:

No pictures, didn’t happen, right?

Hmmmm … what’s next?


2 thoughts on “GDMBR – Canada”

    1. Thanks Ruth … it’s always fun to make and save and share these bike videos. Even more fun going back years later to watch them and say “What the hell were we thinking?”

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