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Stats from Day 35 on my Great Divide Mountain Bike Route - 2013
Stats from Day 35 on my Great Divide Mountain Bike Route – 2013

Been wanting to get this little task done for quiet a while and stayed up late last night to get ‘er done. When riding the Great Divide this summer, I was using an iPhone on the handlebars for navigating. It had all the maps and GPS tracks I needed to stay on track.

But for recording MY actual route, including my mistakes, chosen alternates, and wanderings, I kept an iPad Mini (w/cellular) in my camelback and left it running/recording all day each day.  I used an app called “GaiaGPS” which did a fantastic job of recording  every pedal stroke (and footstep) with incredible accuracy. I found the sampling rate (resolution) far higher than my old Garmin’s that now sit in a junk box, and the details it provides beside the map of the route is really nice.

I took a screen shot of the display from each day of the trip, opened them in iDraw ($25 on the Mac App Store – cool!), and drew in points of interest (well … points that interested ME anyway). I took the finished products and loaded them onto the respective daily pages of my Great Divide journal on CrazyGuyOnABike.

While there, I also uploaded the GPX and KML files of each day. Those links can be found on the “Epilogue” page. I had promised to do this because the success of MY trip was partly due to the sharing of photos, tracks, and stories from those who’ve ridden the Divide before me. I’m paying back, and hopefully, notes of my experiences will assist others in having a great time on the greatest mapped out, long-distance bike tour in the country.

Maybe the whole world!

Thanks Mac! You and your team did a fantastic job!

Adventure Cycling Association’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

GREAT VIDEO on ACA’s page about the spirit of the Divide. Ya gotta see it! And I just discovered that the NEW revised edition of Mac’s book, “Cycling the Great Divide” is now available. Go get it!


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