The Secret’s Out


On the Great Divide
On the Great Divide

It’s never really been a secret that I rode a fatbike on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this year. I’ve driven many a sane person to other states (of mind) talking about it before and afterwards. But I’ve been working on editing all the helmetcam shots and stills into a collection of videos hosted on Vimeo and haven’t officially announced their existence to many friends or members of my local club.

The club hosts an annual “Night at the Movies” each winter to showcase any cool trips members have done recently, and I’m mostly laying low about my presentation. People know what it’s about but I haven’t wanted to blast the Vimeo library to everyone and ruin the show. As of this writing, I’m only half-way done with editing and uploading the videos anyway. I rode northbound (aka “backwards and uphill”) from Mexico to Canada (borders) and so far, I have published clips to the Grand Tetons.

You can see the collection here: Great Divide Videos.

Alas … in the world of the searchable interwebs, I’m sure it will get out anyway.  So, check the link to Great Divide Videos on the right, and hopefully, you might feel inspired to head out next summer as well!


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