s’bout time!

I know, I know …

I’ve been hacking my barebones html site for years and have been too distracted to make a “modern” site since I’m either working, biking, making videos of past bike trips or planning my next bike trip while driving everyone nuts in the process. I know how, but never considered it important. My site has always been a simple repository of my journals of past rides and interesting bookmarks for my own use, and one that I can point people to, if they should ask.

No one ever has, of course.

This adventure performs the same function, but might be easier to update on the fly, on the road. Where I long to be whenever possible.

I read an article about who one should write to … who your audience is when you keep a blog. The author advises that one should consider only two people. Yourself in the present time, and yourself in the future. If anyone else is interested in your material, fine. I like that idea since it’s simple and doesn’t require me getting to know the preferences of an audience of millions.

And since I’m known to talk to myself while riding, this shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

For those who discover and follow this, welcome.



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