Yeah … I’m a video hobby hack.

I’ve had video cameras with me on many fun rides. I’ve missed a lot but caught a little. Visit my Vimeo site and feel free to wander with me a bit. You’ll find videos from the Great Divide, San Juan Huts (2009), The Allegheny Mountains Loop, and even a trip to Alaska. I cheated on the last one … you’ll see.

One of my early video projects was recording our 2007 San Juan Hut-to-Hut mountain bike tour from Telluride Colorado to Moab Utah. Shot on mini-dv, it’s a low quality collection of the seven day adventure, not worthy of posting to Vimeo, but it’s saved here on my server. Enjoy!

Earlier still, in 2004, we rode across the USA and have a long video (1 hour + 22 minutes!) of that. Check it out!

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