Brian and Karen Managan - Just Gotta Ride!

Wow! Brian gave in and created a blog! ... don't get too excited yet.

2004 - San Francisco CA. to Yorktown VA.

Trans-Am 2004 - An Adventure of a Lifetime

2007 San Juan Hut-to-Hut

Telluride to Moab
Team Grinch ... with our buddy Todd ... aka "The Sherpa".

2008 Finger Lakes BMW Rally at Watkins Glen

Newbies on a Motorbike ...
The Campground at Hidden Valley
On the Track at Watkins Glen
The Ride to Belhurst Castle for Brunch

2009 San Juan Hut-to-Hut

Durango to Moab
Team Grinch and "The Sherpa" ride again.

2010 Alaska Motorbike Adventure

Now for something different ...
The Beast Goes to Alaska

2010 Fall Wayne County MC Club

Thrills in the Hills Adventure Ride - Fall 2010 ... (helmet-cam video)

2011 Spring Wayne County MC Club

Thrills in the Hills Adventure Ride - Spring 2011 ... (helmet-cam video)

2011 Allegheny Mountains Loop

Our Summer 2011 Mountain Bike Tour in Appalachia
Team RedFish and the Sherpa explore the remote Virginia and West Virginia highlands!
Pavement, Dirt Back Roads, Forest Roads and Rail-Trails. Quiet Roads and Big Mountain Climbs!

2012 The Deal's Gap Ride

Yet another Beastly Adventure
Down the Skyline and the Blue Ridge to Deal's Gap - there be Dragons out there!

2012 Tug Hill - Stillwater Loop

A Weekend in the Woods
Karen, Todd, and Brian head for the hills!

2013 The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Done! After years of dreaming, I've ridden the world's longest off-pavement mountain bike route.
Catch the journal of the adventure at the Sun, Sand, Snow and Sky journal on the "Crazy Guy on a Bike" server.
See the videos of the trip at: The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route video album on Vimeo.

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   Oh yeah ... a great TWO-helmet-cam video of Ridge Run at FART 2010: Click HERE!
   And another flying down the ski hill at the end: Click Here! (Thanks Anthony!)
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Gotta Love It!!

Danny Boy ... in Scotland.
Tandem MTB ... watch to the end!
Chris Pfeiffer Rides BMW Tower -- Hey ... Nice sneakers there Chris!
Mountain Bike Bill - does the Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab Utah. Hey ... we did it on a TANDEM!
    CAUTION - Windows Media Video - 109MB download - Mac users will need the Flip For Mac plug-in to view this.

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