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Historic Videos

Desperately working on migrating away from 90’s webtech, (aka HTML 3.2), I’ve uploaded more videos of adventures past to new Vimeo albums. I like how videos posted there can scale nicely to any device, thereby opening a slew of images and thought provocation to a wider audience. This saves work. I used to export video clips in different device specific formats and use device detection to deliver the correct file format. No more. Upload once and Vimeo handles it for everyone! Cool.

The newest video additions include two different adventures with “The Sherpa” whom you’ve met if you’ve followed the Great Divide series.

In 2009, Team Grinch and the Sherpa completed our second of the two San Juan Hut-to-Hut routes. In 2007, we started from Telluride, but in 2009, we started from Durango (Purgatory, officially) and made our way across the San Juans, the mesas and canyons of western Colorado, and over the saddle of the La Sals at Geyser Pass to Moab.

Catch-Em-Up Trail to Bedrock
The Sherpa on the job again

This was our second  tour on our Ventana “ECdM” … the El Conquistador de Montana … fully suspended, and pulling a Bob trailer.  The only thing we couldn’t ride was the “Catch-em-Up” trail that dropped us off a mesa right into the Paradox Valley near the Delores River, just outside Bedrock Colorado. That was a portage for everyone.

After getting to Moab via the Kokopelli Trail and Sand Flats Road, we headed back up the mountain to the loop road a couple days later and hopped on the UPS, LPS, and the main Porcupine Rim trail. We’ve heard that it has been done before on a tandem, and trying it was really Karen’s idea after she discovered a video by Mountain Bike Bill. WE don’t have a video … a little too busy with the eyes and hands while riding this … but some photos will be dug up and posted shortly.

Two years later, Team RedFish and the Sherpa selected Adventure Cycling Association’s Allegheny Mountains Loop for a summer break and used the start location to visit a long-time friend and cycling buddy. That adventure was as beautiful as one could imagine.

Looks a bit spooky out that way!

YOU should go do it. Really.

So, who’s “Team Grinch” and “Team Redfish”? Check the next post.